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The City of Englewood, New Jersey has a comprehensive Alarm Ordinance that provides for the annual registration of all burglar alarms located in the City, establishes annual fees and sets penalties for false alarms.  It is estimated that the number of active alarm systems is in excess of 2,600.  Historically, the Police Department responds to approximately 3,000 alarm calls annually with ninety-five percent (95%) proving to be false.  This has a significant effect on the Police Department operations.  Thus a goal of this program and the services to be provided by the vendor is to substantially reduce the number of false alarms.

Because of the volume of alarm systems and the number of false alarms the City is seeking proposals for qualified companies experienced in providing administrative and billing services for alarm ordinances.  The primary responsibilities will include registering residences and businesses that maintain an alarm system, providing billing services to the properties for the annual registration and tracking false alarms that are generated by alarm uses and billing for false alarms as required under the ordinance.

Proposals will only be considered from companies that have a minimum of three years demonstrated experience in providing this type of service to other governmental entities.

Service to begin January 1, 2012.

Bidders will be required to comply with the equal employment requirements of N.J.S.A. 10:5-31 and N.J.A.C. 17:27.


Interested companies shall provide responsive information to the following questions:

  1. Provide the full name and address of your company with telephone and e-mail address.
  2. List names of all officers if a corporation and partners if a partnership.
  3. Provide relevant information regarding prior experience in providing this service and list public entities with a contact person where you have or now provide these alarm administration services.
  4. If your company is engaged in providing services other than those sought in the RFP, please describe same.
  5. Has your company ever had a contract terminated by a public entity?  If yes, please describe the circumstances.
  6. Do you propose that any of the services will be sub-contracted?
  7. Describe staff services that will be required by the city of Englewood if your company is awarded a contract to administer this system.
  8. What methods are used to maximize the registration of properties that have alarm systems and what assistance would be required from the City to accomplish this.
  9. Describe in detail the process used to register alarm users and bill for the annual fee.
  10. Describe in detail the process used to monitor and track false alarms and bill for penalties.
  11. What practices or systems does your company use to educate alarm users on steps they can take to reduce the number of false alarms generated by their systems?
  12. Based on your company’s prior experience with other public entities, what percentage reduction in false alarms has resulted the first year of administering their program.
  13. Please describe your company’s pricing options for providing this service.  If selected, the final terms of an agreement will be subject to negotiation.
  14. What expenses are included in your pricing proposals and what, if any, expenses would be at the responsibility of the City.
  15. Please describe your company’s account management process, including options for the collection and bank deposit of fees/penalties that are collected.
  16. If selected to provide this service, indicate the expected timelines for full implementation of the program.
  17. Provide any other information that you deem relevant.


The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals.  Responses to this Request for Proposals shall be forwarded to the following party by October 24, 2011.

                                Timothy J. Dacey
                                City Manager
                                City of Englewood
                                2-10 North Van Brunt Street
                                Englewood, NJ 07631

If you have any inquiries please call (201) 871-6637.