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Environmental Commission

The Englewood Environmental Commission is charged with the protection, development of natural resources in the City. Seven members and two alternates are appointed by the Mayor. Terms of office are three years.

Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 7:30pm in the Library Basement, Room 2.

Members  Term Expires 
Eda Greenbaum 12/31/23
Dr. Michael J. Passow 12/31/24
Max Walters 12/31/24
Danielle Nyman 12/31/23
Jack Silberman, Co-Chair 12/31/23
Crystal Brown, Co-Chair
Mary Truesdale (Alternate #1) 12/31/23
June Gregg (Alternate #2) 12/31/23
Manuel Barrientos (Planning Board Liaison) 12/31/23
Steven Wiessner, Flat Rock Brook Nature Center Liaison 

Helpful Links

Environmentally Friendly Landscapes

Third Street Community Garden Application and Rules


 Mission Statement

The Environmental Commission has a special responsibility to the citizens of Englewood: to support and protect the natural resources of the city. To that end, the Commission will advise the City Council, Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Department of Public Works and other city agencies on environmental issues that impact Englewood. Assist in the analysis, development, and implementation of sustainability programs and projects, promote environmental education, inform citizens on environmental issues and how they can be addressed, and coordinate community involvement in these efforts. The commission will work with the Mayor, The City Council, and the Englewood Green Team to further this mission and achieve its goals.


  • Support the Resolution for Sustainability in the City of Englewood, endorsed by the Council, to ensure action on the initiatives. This will include research, obtaining expert advice, and promoting citizen involvement
  • Collaborate with City officials, departments, boards and committees on specific environmental issues and code enforcement
  • Improve communication with the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment
  • Monitor important environmental matters affecting the City of Englewood
  • Discourage environmental degradation before it occurs
  • Work with City’s schools to promote learning about environmental topics and issues
  • Present educational material to the community through mediums such as the Environmental Commission website and ‘MyEnglewood’ newsletter
  • Provide information helpful to citizens as they make environmental decisions
  • Develop and support programs that help maintain, protect and enhance the environment