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Coronavirus Health Q&As

Your Questions Answered

COVID-19 Town Hall Meeting Q&A's - 1/21/21

Q: When Englewood Health (hospital) has vaccine, will existing patients be given priority?
A: Register on the web site. When vaccine is available, those registered will be contacted based on eligibility.

Q: Do we have to sign up on more than one list?
A: Register on State’s list, and the hospital’s list or others.

Q: If someone in household tests positive, why isn’t everyone in household tested?
A: Everyone should quarantine. The Health Dept. is actively conducting contact tracing. You may still get tested, but it is not a mandate, and the Health Dept. does not conduct testing. Clarification: Isolation is for someone who tests positive. Quarantine applies to their close contacts.

Q: Why was eligibility opened to those over 65 years old from 75 years old?
A: No answer for this – it was a CDC recommendation change.

Q: Why do other states in the region have vaccine when New Jersey does not?
A: The Federal Government is allocating to each state. Population may be a factor.

Q: If people have signed up for newsletters, does anything else need to be done? Is registration still required?
A: Englewood Health will contact persons who have registered with them.

Q: If people sign up on more than one site, won’t that distort vaccine needs?
A: Needs are based on distribution, so this isn’t an issue. The 2 vaccines currently available require 2 injections; you should be at the same location for the second vaccine.

Q: If someone has an allergy to eggs, is there an allergy notice for this vaccine?
A: There is not an allergy restriction for food content. There have been no anaphylactic reactions. Of note: Out of nearly 1,200 persons vaccinated at Englewood Health, only 10 did not return for second dose due to feeling unwell after vaccination. The question will be asked.

Q: Will waiting lists only be current eligibility persons, or will vaccine be given to those on waiting list regardless of priority group?

A: Englewood Health will try to take most vulnerable first, but goal is to take whomever is registered. Health Dept. will assist persons with internet/computer issues – call the department.

Q: Which vaccine does hospital expect to get?
A: Have received both. Pfizer has been sent to hospitals because of ability to store properly.

Q: Is it necessary to go to same location for second dose?
A: May be difficult, but Englewood will schedule when first dose is received. Location will give a vaccination card for next appointment.

Q: Hours to sign up with Health Dept. for vaccine?
A: In office from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., but call and leave a message any time.

Q: Does it make sense for someone to go to vaccine site at end of day in case there were cancellations?
A: Englewood Health has a stand-by wait list. Those will be contacted and if they can arrive within 30 minutes, they will be taken.

Q: Are restaurant and police considered essential workers?
A: Food workers are considered 1B.

Q: Is the 100,000 vaccines to be delivered to NJ each week going to increase at some point?
A: Delivery is not expected to change at least through April.

Q: What is current guidance for pregnant women to receive vaccine?
A: No reason, at this time, why a pregnant woman should not be vaccinated. There have been no adverse outcomes in study of women who became pregnant after receiving vaccine. It would be worse
for them to contract COVID.

Q: Where will Englewood Health be giving vaccine, on campus or in car lines?
A: Administration will be in free-standing sites, one on 9W and the other in downtown Englewood.

Q: Can a business register all their employees?
A: Call the hotline. The Director/Health Officer will address this.