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5/10/2019 - Community Center Meeting

     The City of Englewood & Dudley Hamilton Associates (DHA)



Wednesday, May 15, 2019 7:00 to 8:30 PM

John Grieco School  / 51 Durie Avenue

  • The sessions will build on data already collected and provide information and research to expand our thinking around what is possible for Englewood as it relates to a Community Center and Community Space
  • They will also identify what we hold in common around the type of city we want Englewood to become
  • At the request of many, the sessions will provide the opportunity to learn more about and from each other and practice ways of communicating more effectively.
  • The topics below will be addressed over the course of 4 – 6 sessions and framed around the key elements involved in developing and planning for a Capital Investment like a Community Center.

Session One: Vision for Englewood and a Community Center May 15, 2019 

Series Overview

Key elements in planning for a Community Center / How to make a Case for Support

Englewood today and tomorrow: Stats; Current Environment; Implications    

Vision for Englewood and priority elements for Community Center / Space

Role of Resident Advisory Groups

Session Two: Community Centers: Types Trends and ROI - Date TBA

Research Presentation on Community Center Trends and ROI  

Review of Options for Englewood / Decision Making Criteria

 Session Three: Community Center:  Funding & Sustainability Possibilities Date TBA

Leveraging Opportunities in Englewood

Financing and Sustainability Models

Unique opportunities for Englewood

Session Four: Strategic Alternatives – Date - Date TBA

To address developing a Plan and Implementation strategy over time.       


Beginning of each session:  Summary of key outputs from last session; End of each Session - things to think about and/or do between sessions to keep the process alive.