Are there any people with Zika in the US or New Jersey?

Locally transmitted cases of Zika by mosquitoes have not been identified in the United States, although the potential for local transmission exists, as Aedes mosquitoes (the mosquitoes that transmit Zika) are present in many states. In late December 2015, the New Jersey Department of Health (NJDOH) identified New Jersey's first laboratory‐confirmed case of Zika in a Bergen county woman exposed in Colombia. While there is no local public health risk associated with this travel‐related case of Zika, the NJDOH informed local health departments (LHDs) and healthcare providers to increase awareness of the risk of Zika in travelers to South and Central America and the Caribbean.

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1. What is Zika?
2. What are the countries and territories that have reported ongoing transmission in the Americas Region?
3. Are there any people with Zika in the US or New Jersey?
4. Why has the CDC issued a travel alert for Zika if there is no transmission in the US?
5. What can we expect in the near future?
6. Is the U.S. at risk of a widespread outbreak?