Who conducts the inspections?

Public Health Inspectors, also known as Registered Environmental Health Specialists (REHS), conduct inspections in Englewood. Health Inspectors are professionals who receive specialized training in the area of food safety and sanitation. All Public Health Inspectors must hold a bachelor's degree or higher with at least 30 hours of coursework in the physical sciences. In addition, inspectors must pass the New Jersey REHS licensure examination and maintain continuing education credits annually.

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1. What types of food establishments does the Englewood Health Department inspect?
2. What types of inspections does the Englewood Health Department conduct?
3. Who conducts the inspections?
4. How often are food establishments inspected?
5. What do Public Health Inspectors look for in a routine inspection?
6. What happens when a violation is found?
7. How are restaurants rated by the Public Health Inspectors?
8. How can I access restaurant inspections?
9. I got sick at an Englewood restaurant. What should I do?