Poop & Scoop Law

City Ordinance Section 3-4-6: Poop and Scoop Law (Pet Waste)

"All pet owners and keepers are required to immediately and properly dispose of their pet's solid waste deposited on any property, public or private, not owned or possessed by the person. On any property owned or possessed by that person, all pet owners and keepers are required to dispose of their pet's solid waste at a frequency of at least weekly or more frequently if necessary to prevent a public health nuisance." 

Potential Fine: From $250 to $1,000

To report a violation in City Parks (police officer must witness the violation) or to report excessive dog waste within an animal enclosure, Contact 3-1-1. To report a violation in the case of an individual failing to pick up after their pet in their own yard (unsanitary conditions), contact the Health Department's Environmental Health Unit at 201-568-3450.

  • Pet waste is a subject everyone likes to avoid, although we at the Englewood Health Department like to bring it up often.
  • Pet waste is ugly and smelly. But even worse, it poses a health risk to pets, bodies of water, and people. Left on sidewalks, streets, trails, and grassy areas, pet waste immediately goes into a storm drain when it rains, where it travels untreated to your neighborhood stream or lake.
  • Like human waste, the animal waste contains harmful bacteria and viruses, making the receiving water unfit for drinking and recreation. In addition, pet waste contains nutrients that will accelerate the growth of nuisance algae.
  • Dog owners must pick up waste deposited by their pets on others' property or public property - the "pooper scooper" regulation.
  • Pet owners must have all dogs and cats, four months of age or older, vaccinated against rabies.
  • Dog owners must annually purchase City of Englewood dog licenses for all dogs seven months of age or older. They can be purchased, at any time after the animal has received its first rabies inoculation, at the Englewood Health Department and at all area governmental centers. The cost for City of Englewood residents is $12 for fertile dogs and $8 for infertile dogs.
  • There are "dog runs" located in the 1st, 2nd, and 4th wards. Please contact the Administration Office at 201-871-6635.
  • Owners must register dogs found by a court to be dangerous.

Pet owners who violate these City of Englewood animal regulations may, for example, incur penalties of up to $250 in fines (for the "pooper scooper" regulation) or up to a year's confinement in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500 (for violating the dangerous dog ordinance).

Citizens may report infractions of these regulations to the Englewood Health Department at 201-568-3450, Monday through Friday, 9 am to 4:30 pm, or the Englewood Police Department at 201-568-2711 during the off-hours of evenings and weekends.