Englewood Recycling

Recycling Makes Cents!


The recycling industry is changing and focusing on the types of recyclables that generate the most revenue. Please see the updated list below for what is accepted and not accepted. Please note that these are general guidelines - check the number on the items.

Questions about what is and is no longer recyclable?

Call: 201-568-3401 x206 x402 x403
Email City of Englewood

Keep the items listed below OUT of our garbage! Why? Recycling makes cents.

Please rinse and remove caps and lids from bottles and jars, and recycle them all together in the bin!


Soda & Water Bottles with Caps
Removed. Plastic Food Containers

Other plastic containers including
Laundry Detergent Bottles, Milk
Jugs, Shampoo and Soap Bottles.

#5 PP
Yogurt Cups, Ketchup Bottles,
Medicine Containers, Plastic Toys

Marked #5.
*Clean Aluminum Cans,
Foil & Trays. All Glass