Building Codes

These are the current Uniform Construction Codes that have been adopted September 2, 2022.  

  • Uniform Construction Code titled N.J.A.C.:23 
  • Building - International Building Code/2021 (IBC 2/NJ edits)
  • Building - One and Two Family Dwelling Subcode - International Residential Code/2021 (IRC w/NJ edits)
  • Electrical - National Electrical Code 
  • Fire - International Fire Code 2021
  • Elevator - N.J.A.C.:23
  • Plumbing - National Standard Plumbing Code/2021
  • Mechanical - Internal Mechanical Code/2021 - 1 and 2 Family Detached Homes only

All home improvement contractors must register with the State of New Jersey.  All commercial contractors are required to register with the City of Englewood.

View the State's Website for Construction Permit Application and Forms.