Code Enforcement

Introduction to Code Enforcement

The Building Department/Code Enforcement Department includes administration and enforcement of Zoning, Building and Property Maintenance codes set out by both the State of New Jersey and City of Englewood.  Our offices are located on the second floor of the City Hall at 2-10 North Van Brunt Street.  We are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.  To contact an employee by telephone, call 20-871-6642 and you will be able to follow the prompts to find the employee you would like to speak to.  If you would like direct dial numbers or email addresses, please click the Contact Us in the right hand column.

Zoning and Land Use

To begin a project to erect a new building, alter the size of a building, change a use or install signage, you will require zoning approval or letter of denial.  These items are handled by Englewood's Zoning Official, Wayne Scott and Zoning Inspector, Tyree Balmer and by our Land Use Administrator Mrs. Oksana Lenovich, who will assist with Planning Board and Board of Adjustment applications.

Building Department/Uniform Construction Code

Based on the intended case, the Uniform Construction Code regulates how structures must be constructed to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the public.

The code provides the means for state licensed code officials to review plans, issue permits and inspect construction projects to ensure that minimum code standards are met and appropriate building materials are used, thereby reducing potential hazards due to unsafe construction practices.

If you are contemplating any construction work, please feel free to contact our office and we will assist you, defining the category of work:

1.  Regular Maintenance
2.  Minor Work
3.  Major Work would require plans and possibly zoning and/or Engineering       approvals.

Property Maintenance/Housing

The Property Maintenance division is in charge of enforcing the standards of Chapter 317 of City Code to protect public health, safety, morals and economic values.  The code established minimum standards for the maintenance, appearance, condition and occupancy of residential and non-residential premises.  When a violation of the Code exists a Notice of Violation is sent to the owner or operator of the property.  The notice will state the violations and most violations are rectified in a timely manner.

If a citizen believes there is a situation that violates the Code and would like to contact Property Maintenance with their concerns,  you may contact the Division of Property Maintenance/Housing at 201-871-6692.

All of us at Code Enforcement are here for the purpose of safety for the citizens of Englewood.